Sound Solution Sweden - Creates a better sound environment
Sound Solution Sweden - Creates a better sound environment

Vi hyr ut tekniska lösningar som har med ljud- ljus-, scen- och eventteknik att göra.

Vi förmedlar nöjen och underhållning i form av artister, shower och liknande. 

Försäljning DaCarbo, Sverige &  Danmark  samt diverse akustikuppdrag och akustikmaterial. 

Welcome Magnus Johansson to the DaCarbo family! 

Magnus Johansson Trumpet - DaCarbo Sverige
DaCarbo - Sweden - Sverige - Denmark - Danmark

Exactly on his birthday we are proud to welcome him to the daCarbo family!

Magnus has featured on the biggest best-selling records of the last century, spanning everyone from Katy Perry to Ariana Grande, Kesha to Sam Smith, and Pitbull to Little Mix.

His latest success, ‘In Your Eyes’ by The Weeknd, was noted as a standout track for 2020 with over 400 million plays on Spotify. Similarly, ‘Only Human’ by Jonas Brothers which he featured on in 2019 was considered a highlight of their hit album ‘Happiness Begins’.

Magnus has appeared on over 500 recorded records in his career and played live alongside stars such as Tom Jones, Shirley Bassey, Diana Ross, Natalie Cole, Stevie Wonder, Mireille Mathieu, Paul Young, Michael Bolton, Ray Charles, Burt Bacharach, Elvis Presley’s band, and Michael Bublé.

Magnus plays the DaCarbo model "Unica" with some special design for him! 

Creates a better sound environment